Sunday, 29 October 2017

You're Beautiful Already

Elegant walk-in closet

This fascinating article in the blog Prisoner of Class investigates what women spend on clothing and accessories in their lifetime.   Before you read it, make a guess yourself.     Perhaps you keep detailed records or if you are an airmiles points collector who only purchases using credit cards while dreaming of future vacations, you might be able to check back.   It is an interesting exercise.     It would seem likely that younger women spend more.   Appearance seems to count for a lot at that stage of life and many/most young women aspire to look their best, however they define that.   Or rather, the fashion magazines and friends have definitions that vary from year to year.  Clothing can assist with that sought after image.

For those following a traditional life plan, a home and children can take financial priority eventually.   There are additional tugs on the family finances.  Perhaps as the years pass, we finally appreciate inner beauty and diversity and love ourselves for who we are, not what we wear.   We still like to look nice but we recognize fashion trends as big business.   We value quality over quantity.

You can read the article now!   I was surprised by the figures and simultaneously sad that most shopping seemed to be disguised as attempts to cheer oneself up.   Maybe that's why some places call it retail therapy.    Between $1800 and $4800 a year is the typical clothing budget although some might be hesitant to call it a budget.    Younger women spend about twice as much as older women in their lifetime.  It seems once the clothes shopping habit is acquired, it sticks.   Maybe it's because so many homes are now built with walk in closets and a more modest wardrobe seems sparse.   Look at the closets in older homes if you want to compare.


  1. Oh Kira, like you it made me sad to see that so many women shop in an effort to make themselves feel better. How empty! I made a guess as to how much women spend on clothing before reading the article. I was off by a factor of 10! Sure, I thought well-off women would spend 100s of thousands, but I thought the number would be much lower when taking the population at large into account, both high and low budgets.

  2. The trend to fast fashion at a low prices leads to bulging closets but the old 'nothing to wear'.