Sunday, 22 October 2017

Save Money on Cruise Vacations


In this post I will give specifics as to how you might save money on a cruise vacation.

We're back from an eleven day cruise from Vancouver to Hawaii.  Cost breakdown:

Fare:  $549 (CAD) or $439 USD each
Port fees and taxes of about $300 CAD or 240 USD 
Gratuities of about $125 CAD OR $100 USD.  

A total of about  $969 CAD OR $779 USD .   For an 11 day cruise that's about $88 a day CAD or $70 USD. This included our accommodation, all we could possibly eat and more of great tasting food, entertainment and activities and travel to three ports plus the final destination of Honolulu.  The cruise line was Holland America, one of the more sedate lines. We paid about $221 ($280 CAD) each to fly back home.  A grand total of $1000 USD each.

How did we make this happen?   We did not choose the least expensive cruise line but we did choose the least expensive stateroom, an inside. We waited until about 6 weeks before departure to book, when the fare had dropped considerably.  In the last couple of weeks after booking, we received two upgrade offers to a stateroom with a large window (not a balcony).   First for $129 each and then a few days later for $79 each.   Cruise fares are like that, up and down.  After the refundable deposit date has passed (usually about 6 weeks before sailing) prices go down.   But when it's sold out, you're out of luck so it can be all about timing.  Don't forget travel insurance.  We have ours through our credit card.

We stayed with our inside cabin which was small but functional.  Some people don't like the total darkness at night so consider that.   Or bring a night light to plug in.   We don't spend a lot of time in the room as there are many pleasant lounges and seating areas around the ship.    There are lots of ways to spend extra money.  The cruise fare covers the cost of having you on board;  cruise companies make their profit on your additional spending.   Consider carefully whether it will increase your enjoyment.  Although we occasionally enjoy wine or other alcoholic drink, we didn't buy any on the cruise.   There is no difficulty in saying 'no thank you' at any venue.   Plenty of people do imbibe and bartenders are kept busy.  We didn't buy any new clothes for our vacation;  our wardrobes were up to the task.  Then,  there are options for over-priced spa treatments like $120 pedicures or expensive candid photos by the ship's photographers or designer jewellery or clothing.   I'm not on vacation for that.  

Every evening a program is placed on your bed (along with the wrapped piece of chocolate) which details a multitude of possible activities for the following day.   We attended lectures by university professors and astronomers, learned to make a Hawaiian lei, took hula lessons, ukulele lessons, swam in the pool, listened to a classical music duet,  watched big screen movies, played trivia games, attended a fashion show, read books on the loungers and walked around the deck a couple of kilometres a day.   The latter was in an attempt to compensate for the 24 hour a day cuisine availability.

The food was terrific.  We met and chatted with pleasant people in the dining room.  The service was very good.   Everything was clean and well maintained.

A cruise vacation is a certain type of vacation.    We only had a couple of ports (Seattle and San Francisco) before five sea days to Hilo, Hawaii.   Some people feel stuck on the boat.  Choose your cruise line carefully.   Some appeal to young families and so have lots of children running around, some better behaved than others.     Take a one week cruise, perhaps to a destination, like Alaska, very popular and with very low prices (and sometimes poor weather) in May or September.   See if this mode of travel is for you.   If not, well there are many other options.   Camping, anyone? 


  1. What a nice collection of tips! I didn't know cruise fares went up and down. I didn't know there were so many opportunities to spend money, like buying candid photos. The buffet photo looks a little intimidating. I think I'd gain weight on a cruise!:-)

  2. Gaining weight can be one of the downsides!