Sunday, 30 April 2017

How Far Will You Go


I like to read blogs.   I have a fairly wide range of interests - besides saving money - and like to discover what others have to say.    There's always more to find out.   For example, did you  know that the vegetable products you buy to eat can also provide seedlings that will replicate themselves ad infinitum.  Check out The Economic Gardener from Mr. Tako Escapes website.  Now I'm regretting the garden seeds I optimistically bought a month ago.   The last ones never even germinated!

The Renaissance Housewife harvests and processes her own herbs to make herbal tea and generates enormous savings.   (You'll have to scroll through the entries about picking up and processing roadkill for her freezer.).   One of the things I like about her blog is that while she is frugal almost beyond belief (and benefits from the fact that shopping in the U.S. seems about 80% cheaper than shopping in Canada) she and her husband  spend money eating out in restaurants, taking cruises and travelling to tropical locations.   It's all about choice.   (I thought at first she went about her daily activities in a long gown and headpieces as befitting the sixteenth century but no.)


Open yourself up to different choices!

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