Friday, 10 March 2017

Spending Fast

Some people choose January as the month to go on a spending fast or buy nothing month, but any month would work.  You can't avoid paying your rent or mortgage and other key expenses but  all non-essentials are eliminated.   Of course, deciding what is essential can be difficult.    You have to be honest with yourself.   Would your life be seriously impacted if you didn't buy x?   Can you borrow it?   Can you buy it used?  Those are all preferable to retail price plus sales tax.

We all have our particular weaknesses and it is best to acknowledge them.   I have no particular interest in tools or cars but a shiny new catalog from LL Bean can definitely tweak my interest.  My intention was just to look but before long I found something--actually a few somethings--that would definitely enhance my wardrobe.   Fill gaps.    Go with something that was lacking something to go with.  

The Current U.S/CAD exchange rate is one thing that definitely gives me pause but LL Bean does make good quality long lasting clothes.   I would be getting my money's worth.    Pause . . . pause.
Trying to decide what to do I was reminded of the time an aunt sent me home with a good three quarters of an enormous Black Forest cake that was left from a social occasion she was hosting.   How many calories did that contain?   How many snacks and desserts and little side pieces would I end up eating from it?     In a burst of inspiration I picked it up, ran out to the garbage bin (in my slippers) and tossed the cake in.    It was an enormous relief.    I decided to recycle the catalog, but quickly.

A fast of any kind is meant to be short-lived.   A trial run in case you were ever in serious trouble.   Valuable information  is provided to see just how low you can go.  But you're in charge and get to decide what you missed the most and don't want to do without.

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