Friday, 3 March 2017

Charity begins at home



Charity begins at home.  Here's one definition:

A proverb that expresses the overriding demands of taking care of one's family, before caring for others.

That begs the question:    To what extent does one take care of one's family before stating the job's done.   There are always improvements that can be made in accommodation, education,  food and amenities.    You child might be graduating with a doctorate at age 30 before you consider you have finished.    Does that mean all other worthy causes and endeavours are postponed until then?

But, let's be reasonable, you say.   No need to provide the also proverbial silver spoon.  Moderation in all things even though nowadays that can be expensive.   Standards have gone up from the crust of bread days.    Modern families do not view their children as prospective workers on the family farm.

Raising children takes  money and time.   It is an important job albeit society doesn't provide a reward for a job well done.   No, parents of grown children who  have become productive and happy citizens can pat themselves on the back but there is no government cheque forthcoming.   No attached note of thanks for the money that has been saved by the state in resources not required.   Your non-delinquent children have not used police or juvenile court services, social workers or probation officers.    The healthy diet of home cooked meals, regular sleep and outdoor exercise have kept medical costs to a minimum.   And now your offspring are securely ensconced in the tax paying middle class.

Our society needs these types of people, at least the way it is set up at present.    Are their numbers increasing?   Should this be considered a charitable contribution to the country/world that dwarfs the need for any other?

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  1. That would be amazing if parents of successful people got a tax break. That would be a nice dividend and incentive :) I like the thought process!!!