Sunday, 5 February 2017

Banned List


Do you have a banned list?  This would be businesses/stores that have annoyed you sufficiently that you do not wish to patronize them again.   Privately you hope that this becomes a trend and the business achieves the fate they deserve--bankruptcy.   After you calm down you can take a more balanced view.   You are only responsible for yourself (and your family) and others can do as they please.

Small businesses can be prone to trading on their smallness or their small town vibe.   We should be forgiving because they don't have the scope, contacts, volume of a big box store.    Small shops/small store merchants and their staff can be so friendly.   I like that.  When I moved to a small town I had he goal of patronizing local businesses.   I was prepared to accept less selection and slightly higher prices to support local businesses that often support local activities.   But, I have to confess, it is difficult and in some cases I have given up.  

How many chances to do you give a business to deserve your trade?    Unless it is something heinous I would always given a business a second chance.   

Do you complain (otherwise known as advising them of the error of their ways)?   I do, sometimes.   I read once that for every person that complains about a product/service, a hundred people were of the same opinion but said nothing.   One business owner in the article stated that he wished people would tell him what was wrong so he could fix the problem, rather than having customers just go elsewhere.
When my daughter worked as a server in a family type restaurant, she told me that she rarely/never passed on complaints.   Her reason:   some complaints were something that she had no control over like whether the hash browns were of the chunky or shredded type.   Some wanted the hours extended.   Some people thought the restaurant was too warm, some too cool.   Basically, she was swamped just keeping up with things and it was a case of 'in one ear and out the other.'   

I went to a local drug store today in response to a flyer I noticed on line.   There were some good prices on items I use and 50 air miles for spending $50.   I decided this would work for me.  I checked the sale dates and made a list.   At the store, however, it turned out that small limits were imposed on quantity (four or less) and one of the main items I wanted hadn't been received and wasn't available.   I left the store.  For some reason I end up feeling like a sucker after such an incident, not a pleasant feeling.   

When I expressed my frustration to my daughter (the former server) she told me that was why Amazon was so successful (and why she mostly shops there) :   You know what you're getting, you know if it's in stock, the price is usually very good, they deliver to our door.  

I discovered a fruit and vegetable market last week, unfortunately ten kilometres away, but with good prices and quality.   That perked me up.   I guess the moral is to not put up with any guff but keep trying. 

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