Wednesday, 25 January 2017

It's not just about saving money

You will see that I've changed the template for the blog.   I was very attached to my dramatic tropical vision, somehow encapsulating the freedom that can come from dreaming about better ways to spend your money.   But I wondered if the background became distracting  and detracted from the blog posts.   Also, some find a white font on a dark background more difficult to read than the more common reverse.   I'll live with it for a while and see how it settles.

I've also added a blogroll to the right.   The list is quite diverse but there's a lot of interesting reading for a wide range of interests.     When you're reading you won't be making impulse purchases!

                                                                         * * *

Does it sound corny to want to save the planet?    I hope not.  Zero Waste Home is a blog that will definitely save you money while at the same time provide value and conserve the earth's resources.  I have to admire someone who can reduce their trash to one (small) jar a year.    It becomes a part time job and you spend time having conversations with store clerks and managers to persuade them to put the potato salad you purchased at their supermarket deli into the glass jar you brought with you instead of their styrofoam container  with snap on plastic lid.  Don't bring your teenage children; they would be embarrassed beyond belief by your actions.   I think my route would be to make my own potato salad since even on sale for 99 cents for a 100 grams  is more than quadruple the price of the potatoes bought in a 5 or 10 pound bag.

Then there's the floating ball of plastic in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that is the size of Texas. 

That sounds like my version of a nightmare.  

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