Saturday, 14 January 2017

Hockey for Kids

Lots of Canadian parents put their sons . . . and daughters . . .  into hockey.  What a commitment!  It's expensive and requires considerable transportation and attendance at practises and games.   There's the fundraising and the parental help with various activities like time-keeping.   There's no doubt it's good exercise but so is jogging.   Hockey goes most of the year now with summer 'dry land' training.

I sometimes wonder whether a secret hope thrives in the bosom of parents that their son is going to make the National Hockey League, become famous and make boatloads of money.   Having a son who is on that trajectory is looking at a stupendous investment in time and money.  First of all, be very certain that your offspring is as committed to the goal as you are.   And not just when they are starting out as a seven year old who goes along with whatever you're enthusiastic about.   Do they still want to get up at 5 a.m. for practices when they are twelve?

Can a future NHL prospect be spotted at an early age?   If both parents are of shorter stature is their son likely to be of the heft necessary to be a potential prospect?  Are other important aspects, like school and music or art,  of a child's life set aside to focus on hockey?   Is the family budget strained to pay for hockey?  Are the non-hockey playing members of the family short-changed to focus on the golden child?

It's a big commitment.

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