Saturday, 21 January 2017



One of my life's mottos has always been to not re-invent the wheel.   Someone has faced this problem/issue before and has likely found a solution.   Many someones will provide you with various different solutions and one of them is sure to fit.   If the internet only existed for this purpose, it would be worthwhile.  

I would sincerely like to encourage you to take up cooking as a hobby.   If I suggested that you take it up to save money, it probably wouldn't have the same appeal.   Some might think it was a punishment.    But more than a few people have come to love the creative aspects of preparing food as opposed to . . . mopping the floor?   Just don't get carried away seeking out expensive spices or obscure ingredients.  (saffron!)  Learn to substitute (or omit).   Everyone loves the cook!

Here's a couple of links to get you started:

Living well, Spending less


5 dollar dinners

There is enough reading and  sufficient recipes to keep you engaged for a long time.   You'll think differently about food after a while.  

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