Saturday, 31 December 2016



We enjoy having visitors; often they are of the family kind.    They usually prefer to stay overnight or for a few days since there is an (expensive) ferry trip involved in the journey.   One important strategy in managing your money is to not spend (much) on items that are rarely or only occasionally used.   This includes the once in a lifetime red carpet type of event (If your life is more exciting than mine!) as well as overnight visitors.   Don't buy a large home with extra bedrooms.   You're not running a hotel.   We had a sofa bed years ago and found it to be an unhappy compromise.   The mattresses are rarely comfortable and if you have ever tried to move one you'll be aware of the weight of the internal metal frame.   You'll be paying increased mortgage, property tax and heating bills for the extra, rarely used bedrooms.

We purchased an inflatable bed at the time of our move and have found it to be incredibly useful.   Don't let memories of gasping endlessly into a small plastic plug attached to a vinyl air mattress on a family camping trip discourage you.   These mattresses inflate within a few minutes on their own, once plugged in, and deflate similarly.   They fit easily into the included tote bag.   Yes, it's not the same as providing a separate guest room with a regular bed but that should be saved for a (very) long term inhabitant.   All users have reported the mattresses to be sufficiently comfortable for several nights' stay.   Along with a 'bed in a bag' set complete with sheets, pillowcases and quilted comforter that is kept separate for guest use, overnight guests are easy to accommodate.  

Read the reviews carefully and choose the one that suits you best.

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