Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Nothing like a little history


If you've lived long enough or spend time talking to older and even really old people, eventually you will come to realize that your daily reality is not the same as it used to be for others.    You might get a hint from the size of closets in older houses.   They're small.     That's because somehow people managed with far fewer clothes.

Long before the days of malls and even department stores, women would buy their clothes from small dress shops on their 'high' street.   The main shopping street in town featured individual shops from greengrocers to shoe stores to hardware stores.   My mother would make a daily excursion for the enjoyment of the walk, to meet friends and acquaintances along the way and to pick up the odd item as well as fresh food.   Or some had a favourite seamstress who would sew a made-to-measure outfit.

When a new dress was purchased or made it was of good quality.  It was flattering to the wearer and fitted well.   Styles and hem lengths did not vary much so there was no concern about becoming unfashionable the next year.   The dress would be worn on a regular basis for years, carefully covered with a large apron if needed at home.   After a half dozen years a trip might be made to the dressmaker for a refresh.   A neckline might be changed or a sleeve altered and then the dress would be good to go for another five years.


All of this seems alien to us today.

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