Wednesday, 14 December 2016

More dreaming


In my book I suggest that you make a list of your top ten goals (dreams) in life.   You could pick a different number but ten is sufficient to include a variety of goals but not so many as to be totally unrealistic.    And no cheating!  You want to be able to name them off without checking the list.  Some dreams are definitely not going to happen.   I will not become a prima ballerina even if it is on the top of my list.  (It's not!).  But I could do lots of things around that including attending opening nights, flying to performances around the world, starting a ballet school in a far flung location (or a small town on the Prairies).

If you think being beautiful will make you happy (it likely won't) you could pay for cosmetic surgery,  wardrobe makeovers, nutritional consultants, private trainers, spa treatments . . . It worked more or less for the Kardashians.

Once you attune yourself to your dreams, and then tweak them so they are physically and realistically possible considering your circumstances (don't abandon your children!) you will find that money is what stands between you and a potential dream.    When you know that, what you might have viewed as a financial sacrifice becomes the pathway to happiness.

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