Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Cheer up shopping


Do you shop to cheer yourself up?  I do . . . sometimes.   I think most people do.  Or the last day of the month you reward yourself for careful spending the entire month past.   There are a couple of keys to managing this:

-  Set a price limit (under $20 for me)

-  Spend a lot of time choosing the item(s).  You want to extract maximum pleasure from the shopping experience.   I'm not a 'shopper' but I love  certain beautiful unique items.  That lets the mall out for me!

It helps if you know your weaknesses.  No point in indulging yourself, if you don't feel much better afterwards.  Of course, this won't work if you are depressed in a clinical, medical sense.  Much better then to seek appropriate treatment.    But I think one of the ways being frugal  can work is if you allow yourself to splurge--maybe once a month-- in a controlled way.

Choose something you can savour, look at, use with affection and pride.   You want your splurge to be worthwhile.

I like going on Etsy or Ebay or similar once a month and can spend a long time perusing different on-line shops and stores that have items for sale that I wouldn't ever come across with in person shopping.   I love beautiful buttons and have turned some into brooches (glue gunned backing pins)  or as an accent on a knitted scarf or cowl.    I found recently that someone in the United Kingdom has a little on-line shop on Etsy selling various most appealing (to me) buttons.    Another time it was a small lot of Vera Scarves on Ebay.    This is just how I treat myself.   You, no doubt, have other items that add zing to your life.

Unless you are close to destitution,  well controlled spurges can make monetary restrictions more bearable.   It's a little like eating a couple of pieces exceedingly good quality chocolate when on a diet.  (not that those things work very well but you get the idea).  

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