Thursday, 17 November 2016

What's all this about dreaming?

You might find the title of this blog (and the book) a little odd.   Budgeting is a good thing, right?   And best to save dreaming for night time.   Dreams can lead you astray.

I suppose there is nothing wrong with budgeting.   It can be enlightening to keep track, for one month, of all income and outgo.   Usually there are some shocks involving the amount spent on restaurants and take away.   But this can devolve to a situation where you don't see the forest for the trees.   Or, in other words, you miss the big picture.

By dreaming I don't mean those weird dreams that I keep wasting my sleep time with.   You know the ones.  Someone is chasing me and I'm running but my feet feel like they're mired in mud.   I'm in some large building or on a ship trying to find my way around.   Or my least favourite, I'm waiting at a bus stop for a bus that never comes.    I suppose it could be worse.   My dreams hardly qualify as nightmares and occasionally I have the odd exciting one where I'm actually flying.   What a sensation!

Your day time dreams are really your goals, even if you haven't recognized them as such.    It's when you mutter about the traffic jams that are becoming more frequent in your morning and evening commutes.    It's when you get a lump in your throat at leaving your infant at daycare.    It's when you haunt programs like Househunters International.     You are dreaming but you just don't know it.  We get good at pushing are dreams down deep and goodness knows, we're too busy (or too exhausted) to analyze our fleeting feelings.

Anyway, when we look around, it seems that this is what everyone else is doing and most of us like to be agreeable and fit in.   Certainly we don't want to appear strange.    We all need to stick together and validate what we are doing.    It could be so much worse and the evening news will certainly provide lots of examples for why we should be grateful we are right where we are.  

To be continued . . . 

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