Tuesday, 8 November 2016

It's All About Priorities

Budgets are a bit like diets.   They sound like a good idea but don't work for most people, at least not long term.   And there are some definite down sides to it.   Whether it's money or food, you deprive yourself until you break down and binge.  You feel bad, lash yourself with recriminations about your weakness and lack of willpower.   They may work in the short term but I don't know anyone for whom strict dieting or budgeting has worked in the long haul.   Maybe you do.

So what's the solution?    Whether it is food habits, a flattering wardrobe or a financial way of life, a customized, made-just-for-you approach,  is more likely to lead to success.   But it helps if you know yourself.

I'm going to suggest that a combination of strategies is more likely to lead to success.   You will likely be more successful in some areas than others but but using several or many different approaches will be a clearer path to your dream, whether that dream is an African safari or being able to stay home with your children while they are young.

On this blog I am going to strive to cover all, or at least most of the bases.   Follow along!

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